Zuckerberg, Facebook say ‘theres nothing to lose’ as FBI probe grows

Zuckerberg’s social network, Facebook, has warned its users to “stay calm and not panic” following the FBI’s announcement that it was looking into allegations that the company had deleted posts by its users in violation of federal law.The FBI announced on Tuesday that it is examining claims that Facebook deleted posts about the Orlando nightclub

Twitter users use ‘social support’ network to share personal stories about suicide

Twitter users are using their social network to spread personal stories of suicide, with some of the messages sharing personal details of the victim.The popular platform is using a platform called ‘Path’ to help users share their stories of mental health and depression.Path was founded in February 2017, and is a social support network that

Brits on the hunt for new social network after Brexit: ‘We’ve got a lot of work to do’

The British people are on the lookout for a new social networking site, after a vote to leave the European Union left them unable to connect online.The Brexit vote prompted some Brits to leave Facebook and Twitter and, for a time, there was speculation about the new social networks being built on top of them.But

Why are we still using ‘i’ to describe words like ‘internet’ and ‘internet-connected device’?

The social network iMessage, used by more than 40 million people worldwide, has become a key part of social networking.It is also the most popular way to share content.And it has become the topic of many debates about the meaning of the word ‘internet’.Some people think it is a derogatory word and that it has

What’s your favourite social network?

Social networks are huge, and they’re constantly growing in popularity.And if you’re looking for a fun, interactive way to connect with people from all over the world, the best social network to look at right now is Facebook.This year, the social network is getting a big update to make it even more engaging, which is