Bioware to hire 10,000 employees to make the next Mass Effect 3

Biowares social network is looking for at least 10,00 people to help build its next big game, BioWare announced today.In an interview with Mashable, the studio said it would be hiring 10,500 people across five studios.It’s the first time the studio has announced the hiring of such a large number of employees, but it’s not

How to Read a Wave Social Network Review

Social networks are becoming a popular way for users to discover new content and engage with other users.But how do you decide whether to share your content with a wave social network?Wave social networks are popular because they are built on the premise that they are easy to navigate.Users have access to hundreds of content

When is a VK Social Network going to come out?

The Vk social networking service is a free-to-play mobile app.It has been out for quite some time now, but the company announced it will be rolling out to the Vk mobile app sometime this month.Vk CEO Alexander Ivanchevskiy explained in a video that Vk is going to launch its social network in December.This means that

What is social networking and how is it used to target people?

Social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter allow users to share content and engage in conversation.As well as providing a forum for sharing information, they have the potential to lead to greater understanding, interaction and collaboration.But how are they used to manipulate people?The answer can be found on the social networking platform.There are a

Why is it important to write your own social network screenwriting?

Social networking screenwriter Michael Lipps explains the importance of screenwriting to the screenwriting community in this episode of Screenwriting 101.In this episode, we talk about the difference between screenwriting and screenplay, why screenwriting is better, how to make your own screenwriting script, the importance to social networking screenwriting, what social networking is, the best social