Social network interview: I’ll never be able to do a job interview

By Kim Eun-jung and Seo Kyung-minSource: APTN (Korea News Network)Published May 22, 2017 08:45:54The job interview is one of the most difficult in the workplace.Many employers want you to answer questions about your resume, but what they don’t tell you is that you’re going to be asked questions about social network profiles, social media and

What you need to know about Facebook’s privacy settings

The privacy settings on Facebook allow users to control what information is shared between the social network and third parties.Users can also choose to share data between Facebook and their other online activities.But when it comes to privacy, Facebook’s default settings are more restrictive than other social networks, which can be difficult to use.Here’s everything

How to Read a Wave Social Network Review

Social networks are becoming a popular way for users to discover new content and engage with other users.But how do you decide whether to share your content with a wave social network?Wave social networks are popular because they are built on the premise that they are easy to navigate.Users have access to hundreds of content

When is a VK Social Network going to come out?

The Vk social networking service is a free-to-play mobile app.It has been out for quite some time now, but the company announced it will be rolling out to the Vk mobile app sometime this month.Vk CEO Alexander Ivanchevskiy explained in a video that Vk is going to launch its social network in December.This means that

Which blockchain social networks are the most popular?

There’s an online market for a new, more anonymous form of communication: the blockchain.But what is it and why is it growing so fast?A new paper by two Australian researchers finds there’s plenty of room for innovation in blockchain technology.For example, they say there’s a huge market for blockchain-based data privacy and decentralised databases that

NHLPA President David Andrews: “No More Bias” at Players Association

On the heels of an investigation into a number of alleged bias incidents within the Players Association, the NHLPA president has issued a stern warning to its members.“I’m disappointed in the leadership at the Players’ Association and I think they need to stop,” Andrews said Tuesday at the League’s Board of Governors meeting.“We need to