Filippo Modugno claims Serie A will go for the Champions League – Sport Mediaset

Modugnon has confirmed that Serie A is set to go for one of the three groups at the end of the season, in order to make room for the Europa League.According to the head of football operations, Modugnone said: “There is a possibility of an Italian team in the Champions Leagues, and also a possibility

How to get an ‘infamous’ Social Network Social Network social network embeddings, social network Social Network news

Google is reportedly working on a new social network for the social network that will allow users to share photos and videos on their profile pages without the need for any social network software or any special permissions.According to TechCrunch, the social networking company is developing a new feature that will make it easy for

‘I’m not a racist’: Woman shares her story of being told her son is a ‘racial slur’ by classmates

A woman has shared her story about being told by classmates at a public school in Tennessee that she was a racist.The woman, who declined to give her name, said she was shocked when her child told her that her son, whom she had not met, was a “racial slur.”The girl was at an elementary

Facebook shares second-quarter revenue rise of $5.2 billion as it closes $8.6 billion of debt to finance the purchase of Instagram

Facebook Inc. shares gained as much as 2.2% on Thursday as investors cheered a $6.1 billion financing deal that closed Wednesday.Facebook also closed an additional $1.2 million in debt.Instagram, which had posted revenue of $1 billion in the second quarter, said in a regulatory filing Wednesday that it was completing a sale of its common