CryptoCoin Twitter, BlockChain Social Network Announce Partnership

A crypto-currency exchange platform, CryptoCoin, has partnered with blockchain social network BlockChain to launch an exchange for digital assets on the social network.

According to a post on the CryptoCoin website, the platform will allow users to buy and sell digital assets and tokens from their cryptocurrency wallet.

Blockchain Social Network allows users to follow and engage with the community, and will also allow users and members to exchange digital assets with each other.

The announcement of this partnership came after the crypto-market capitalization of the two social networks reached $1 billion USD on Tuesday.

Coinbase, which also offers its own cryptocurrency exchange platform to users, and the digital asset exchange platform Coinfloor, also announced partnerships with the social networks.

The platform will offer a marketplace for digital asset transactions, including buying, selling, and receiving.

The platform will also offer users access to their Dash balance, and access to Dash balance history.

Users will be able to set their own personal Dash balance in a “dashboard,” and to buy or sell digital currency in an exchange.

BlockChain Social Networks partners with Coinbase to offer a Dash exchange platform.

CoinDesk’s Chris Roberts reported that a Dash-related company was the initial partner.

The partnership is not the first for CryptoCoin.

The company announced in May that it would be opening a partnership with Bitcoinica, which is a company that sells digital currency exchange services.

Bitcoinica, along with Blockchain Social Network, is currently available on the Ethereum blockchain.