Facebook has a new social network editor

Facebook has introduced a new editor in an effort to combat its user base being dominated by its main competitor Instagram.

In a blog post today, Facebook said the new editor would help Facebook’s users “make better, faster, more useful and more thoughtful posts, photos and videos.”

The editor will be called “Feed,” and it will help users manage their feeds.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said he and his team were excited to bring Feed to Facebook.

“Feed has long been a great way to help people make great, thoughtful content,” Zuckerberg wrote.

“Now, with Feed, you can take your social posts to the next level, making them better and faster than ever.”

Facebook also announced today that it will now allow users to send their own posts directly to the new Feed editor, and that users will be able to search for posts and posts by categories.

“With Feed, people can share their own content, make posts for other people and discover new people who share their content,” Facebook said.

“They can even tag their content, so they know who to follow when they want to share.”

The new Feed will launch in the coming weeks.

Facebook is also working on adding support for embedding videos into posts, including one that shows a clip from a movie that’s not currently in the public domain.

Facebook has been adding features to its Facebook app in recent months.

In March, it launched a new feature that allowed people to add “likes” to posts.

And last month, the social network launched a “liking button” that lets users create and share new likes on the app.

Facebook also added an emoji button to the feed feed last month.

The company also rolled out a new “share” button to let users share content with their friends.