Facebook posts about ‘dick pics’ and ‘sexualizing’ children

Social network nin reported Tuesday that the social network has removed about 5,000 images and videos from its network, which it described as inappropriate and in violation of its community standards.

Nin’s CEO, Chris Lehman, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Nin said the removal of the images was made on May 17 after it received a complaint from a Facebook user who said the posts violated its standards.

It said that it had removed the images in question because it had identified the person whose account they were shared on.

Nin, which operates in about 1.4 billion users worldwide, has more than 50 million users in the U.S., Canada, Australia and other countries.

Nin also said it had deleted an additional 1,500 images and video from its account.

Nin posted that the removal was the result of a complaint by a Facebook member who said his account had been shared more than 5,600 times by someone with the same name and account name as a third-party advertiser.

Nin had been posting images and text in support of the group Stop Sexualizing Children on its pages since March 2017, but its original content has been deleted.

Nin has been criticized for its handling of the matter, which includes the removal and subsequent suspension of users who post child pornography.

The company has faced questions about how it handles complaints of child pornography, which are frequently filed by users of its network.

Nin did not respond to questions about why it removed the child pornography images and why it suspended users who posted it.

Nin spokeswoman Stephanie Hahn said Nin has taken steps to ensure that the platform’s moderators are aware of child safety.

“Nin has a zero-tolerance policy for any type of child abuse, which is a standard we follow at all of our businesses,” Hahn wrote in an email.

Nin CEO Chris Lehmann, who is also chief operating officer of Tencent, said in a statement that the company would continue to make its content available on the Nin network, but said the company “strongly condemns” any kind of inappropriate behavior.

“We have taken the lead in creating a safe and welcoming community for all people to share their content, and we will continue to do so as we continue to focus on providing a platform that promotes inclusion and tolerance,” Lehmann said.

Nin removed the offensive images and content from its pages, according to the company, and Lehman said that Nin was “continuing to investigate” the matter.