Facebook shares earnings, shares a loss for the third time in a row

Shares of Facebook rose on Tuesday, with the social network reporting a loss of $1.6 billion.

The net loss was $4.3 billion, according to its financial statements.

The company reported earnings per share of $0.53 and revenue of $19.7 billion.

Facebook is now expected to report a loss in fiscal 2017 of $4 billion.

In fiscal 2016, Facebook reported $13.3 bn in revenue.

The shares of Facebook have been falling over the past year.

The social network’s stock plunged by more than 30% on Tuesday after a report that it had begun secretly collecting data from its users to identify political groups and to identify users of its app.

Last week, Facebook was accused of having engaged in a campaign of voter suppression.

Facebook’s stock has dropped more than 20% over the last year.

Facebook reported its biggest quarterly loss in a decade in 2016, according the company’s second-quarter results.

The tech company had $12.4 billion in revenue and $6.9 billion in net income.

Facebook has faced criticism for targeting political groups.

In March, Facebook announced that it would begin collecting data on the political views of its users and would share it with third parties.

In August, Facebook said it would start using “fake news” data from a “botnet” to identify the identities of people who are engaging in political activity.