Facebook to boost mobile apps by adding new social networking features

Facebook has unveiled a new mobile app that will allow users to share and discover new content, but it’s also offering users a new social network builder to get started.

The company announced the new platform on Thursday, saying it would allow users who already have Facebook apps to “get started building the most awesome social networks of the future.”

Facebook will be rolling out its new mobile apps, and developers can build apps for iOS and Android for free.

Facebook says it will launch new apps that integrate with its platform in the coming months.

The new app will let users share content, browse news, create groups, search and mark posts.

Facebook also says it’s rolling out a new way for users to add groups to their social networks, which could make it easier for people to build and share groups in real time.

Users can sign up for the new Facebook app, and then “create a new group on Facebook for your friends and family,” Facebook said in a blog post.

Facebook has been experimenting with new social platforms over the past year, including a new photo sharing app called Paper, and a new video app called Camera.

It launched a new app for the iPhone last month.