Google’s ‘Social Network Booster’ lets users ‘share’ photos of friends

Google’s “Social Network Builder” app lets users share pictures of friends and family members with each other.

The app, available on the Google Play store for Android devices, can be downloaded for free from Google Play and Apple App Store.

It allows users to create and share photos of family and friends and then “share” those pictures to their friends or followers on their social networks.

This is a preview version of Google’s app.

We will update this post if the app is released to the public.

Users can choose to share pictures from up to 50 photos to their own “social network booster” account.

It then lets users “share”, or “link” those photos to a photo they want to “share”.

The app is not yet available for Apple or Android devices.

The “social networking booster” feature, as it’s called, lets users make “shared photos” of friends or family members, which can then be “shared” to their “friend” or “family” accounts.

“The friend or family account will show a picture of the friend or the person,” the app says.

“You can then click on the photo and you will get a link to share the photo.”

The app allows users who have previously shared photos of each other to add those photos again to their personal “social networks” as a way of making the “shared photo” “feel more real”.

The company says the feature will be “available for download in the coming days.”

The feature is not new to the Google play store.

The feature was first introduced on the App Store in January 2017, as part of Google Play Music.

In March 2017, Google launched the Google+ photo sharing feature.

Google+ lets users post a photo and “tag” friends and other people in photos.

Users also can upload a photo of a person to the service, and share that photo on other social networks with a tag like, “I’m a fan of this person.”

In June 2017, the company introduced a “photo-sharing” feature called “photo tag” that allows users “tag, share, share a photo, and add the person to your timeline.”

That feature is now also available in the Google Photos app.

Google Photos allows users, however, to make “photos” on the service instead of sharing photos on Google+.