‘Hindi social networking site is not a place to harass people’: Singing in a song

On Wednesday, Hindi social media network Singing, an online community of thousands of Hindi-speaking people, took to its Facebook page to express their disapproval at the actions of the police who arrested a man in the state of Karnataka.

The police had reportedly registered a case against the man after a complaint of a man who was singing at the venue of a music festival in the city of Kolkata.

The man was allegedly singing a song in Hindi at the time.

Singing, which was founded in 2011, was founded to help people communicate with each other.

The site was originally set up by former Bengaluru singer-songwriter, Sajjad Ahmad.

However, the platform has since grown and has more than 13 million users, which makes it the most popular Hindi-language social networking platform.

The police had lodged an FIR against the unidentified man after the complaint of the man who sang a song.

Police officers, who raided the venue, claimed that the man had threatened to commit suicide if he was forced to go back to India.

Singing had appealed to the police to arrest the man and to take appropriate action against the singer who was allegedly performing the song in a public place.

Singers and artists have a strong relationship with the Karnataka government and the state’s chief minister Keshubhai Patel.

It was in his capacity as a minister that the Karnadapalai song was performed at a festival in December.