How a social network could revolutionize health care

Social networks could revolutionise health care.

An article published in Medical News today suggests a new kind of health care, one that is both less costly and more efficient than ever before.

A network of health professionals and patients can share medical information and collaborate with one another without ever needing to go to a doctor, nurse or pharmacist, a company called ZaReason said in a press release.

ZaReason’s technology uses artificial intelligence to create virtual networks, and users interact with them with voice commands, which the company said could improve health outcomes for millions of people.

Using a technology called a “virtual network,” ZaReason can “communicate with each other in real time and share information, including images and videos, about patients and their care, with ease,” according to its press release, which adds that ZaReason will “become a powerful platform for connecting healthcare professionals and patient groups across the globe.”

Ziksens technology is already used by many hospitals to deliver virtual healthcare to their patients, including in the U.S., but ZaReason’s platform would make it even easier for them to share information about patients with other people.

“We think virtual networks can bring a huge amount of efficiency and cost savings to healthcare,” ZaProblem’s founder, Jonathan Zehr, said in the press release announcing the launch.

“We have a vision for ZaReason to be a network that connects healthcare professionals, patients and other stakeholders in real-time and allows them to communicate with one and all.”

Zehr says ZaReason is already in talks with a number of healthcare companies to start selling their virtual health care services, and that the technology could be used to help reduce costs for healthcare workers.

“By working with healthcare professionals who already use ZaReason, we will be able to build a better solution for our users,” Zehr said.