How to access social networking on a mobile phone

Facebook has announced that users can access its free social networking site on Android phones, and has made it available for users to browse the site without an internet connection.

Facebook said users can still access the site via an internet-only browser.

Users can search and find and like social media pages on their Android phones through the site, which is a free service and not part of the Facebook business.

Users who already have a Facebook account can login using their email address and password.

If they don’t have an email address, they can create one using the Facebook app.

Facebook’s service is available in most countries and for all social networks, including Google’s YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp and Microsoft’s Skype.

In the past Facebook has introduced social media features for users in emerging markets, including India, where it launched its mobile apps in July.

However, its Facebook for India service is not available in all Indian markets.

A spokesperson for Facebook India told News24 that the company was “working to improve and expand our services across the country” and that it was “fully committed to ensuring the security and security of our users”.

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