How to be the most social of social media followers, research finds

Social media has long been a tool for sharing news and gossip, and for connecting with people.

But a new study suggests social media users are getting more engaged, and the process is changing.

The study found that social media engagement on Twitter and Facebook is rising as well as Facebook’s, but in different ways.

It found that while the two companies have different ways to engage, the latter’s method of sharing content tends to be more “social.”

The study, published in the online journal Science Advances, also found that users are increasingly using the tools to create content and share ideas.

The researchers say the new way of sharing may also be making users more engaged.

“It is likely that the way users interact with each other on social networks has evolved and is now being influenced by the new content sharing technology,” the researchers write.

The findings come as Twitter has been plagued by problems with the company’s algorithm and has been struggling to improve its image.

The company announced last week it would be shutting down all of its newsfeeds in an effort to fix the issues.