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Facebook is not the only social networking site that has come under fire for allegedly enabling child porn, but many have argued that the company has been too slow to respond.

Today, a report claims that Facebook has failed to act swiftly enough to stop the spread of child porn on the site, and that some of the company’s employees have been caught in child pornography rings that are being run by their former employers.

The report was authored by Mark Zuckerberg’s son and co-founder Joel.

The report was written by Mark and Joel Zuckerberg, and it was published by TechCrunch, a website which was originally established as a way for investors to get in on the nascent tech industry.

The website, which has been around since 2012, is run by two brothers who are both former employees of the tech giant.

In its report, TechCrunch says that Facebook’s internal investigations found that it was not properly tracking the amount of child pornography on its platform and that its staff were in possession of child pornographic images on the network.

The article goes on to say that some employees of Facebook’s former parent company Google, also known as Google, were also in possession.

The former employees were not only allegedly distributing child pornography, but also had connections to the “Dark Web,” a part of the internet that is considered to be less secure and less easily monitored.

The brothers said that the employees had access to child porn images for several months and that they had been able to obtain the images by stealing them.

Facebook said it was working to address the issue and has taken measures to curb the problem, but the report claims there has been “lack of urgency.”

In a statement, Facebook’s spokesperson said the company is committed to working with law enforcement to combat this kind of activity, and they have been working with local law enforcement agencies to identify and remove child pornography.