How to get the ‘perfect social networking account’

A Facebook page that promotes the company’s “perfect social network account” has attracted the attention of social networking experts and an online backlash.

A popular Facebook page for the company was created in January, and now a new one has attracted a lot of attention.

The page for Facebook is called “My Perfect Social Network Account,” and is filled with memes and other viral content.

Facebook has not responded to a request for comment.

One meme on the page includes the message “I’m not an asshole.

I’m just an average guy with a Facebook profile.”

The site has been a hotbed for political commentary, with posts that often refer to President Donald Trump, his supporters, and various other groups.

The site recently became a hot topic when it was revealed that Facebook was working on a new “real-time political news feed.”

Facebook has also become a battleground in the ongoing battle over the future of net neutrality, which has led to the closure of many of the site’s services, including News Feed, which is the main way users access content from the site.

It is unclear whether the Facebook page is a new site created by Facebook, or if it has a similar profile on the social network.

A Facebook spokesperson told The Daily Beast that the company does not comment on individual accounts.