How to stop Donald Trump and his social media bots from spreading misinformation

A Twitter bot that spread false information about the presidential race on Wednesday night is still on the social network’s network, despite a Twitter user claiming it was removed.

The account, which has since been deleted, was created by a user named “Seth”, and was the latest example of Trump’s social media team manipulating the platform to spread misinformation.

It was created to promote a false report that Hillary Clinton had lost a popular swing state.

Seth has since deleted his Twitter account, but his account has been used to spread false news, misinformation and hoaxes throughout the election, including claims that the election had been stolen and the polls had been rigged.

Trump’s campaign has also spread misinformation on the issue, with some people believing that an FBI investigation into Trump’s alleged Russian ties had been reopened.

“The bots are still on my account and it’s just that we have to stop them,” Trump supporter Sam Baughman wrote on the account.

“They are trying to push false news.

I don’t know if they have any proof but they will.”

On Wednesday, a Twitter employee posted a link to a tweet from a fake news source claiming that an “FBI investigation” into Trump had been re-opened.

It said: “FBI re-open investigation into Donald Trump’s ties to Russia.

This is NOT true.””

If you think it is a hoax, please click here to report it.”

On Thursday, another Twitter employee retweeted an email from an email address linked to a fake Twitter account with the same name.

The email, which claimed to be from the FBI, said: ‘Dear @FBI, The investigation is reopened and there is NO WAY Hillary Clinton is guilty.

There is NO proof at all.

She has no criminal history, and her campaign and her team have not even existed in this campaign.'”FBI, please investigate.

This email has been sent to you by a fake account with an email handle of @FBI.

This account has no proven ties to the FBI.

If you think this is a fraud, please report it to the media,” the email continued.

The Trump campaign has not responded to The Australian Financial Review’s request for comment.

However, on Thursday, the Trump campaign tweeted that the FBI investigation had been closed.”FBI has been investigating Hillary Clinton for years.

It has been reported that she has lied to the American people.

The investigation has been closed,” it said.”

If she were to win, it is highly unlikely she would have been investigated by the FBI.”

The Twitter account was created in early November to promote the “Trumpbot”, a fake Trump Twitter account created to spread the “fake news” about the US election.

The bot, which is not the real account, claimed to have “verified” the claims about Clinton’s alleged ties to Putin, as well as to have taken credit for spreading the false “Pizzagate” conspiracy theory.

However it also tweeted information that had been retweeted from a false account.

The fake Twitter handle @trumpbot was created after the Twitter account @SethTrump was hacked and subsequently deleted.

It is not known what exactly prompted Seth to create the account, though it appears to have been a way to “spoof” the real Trump account, as the accounts were already shared by Seth.

A Twitter spokesperson said:”We’ve taken down Seth’s account and have suspended him from our platform.

We don’t have any evidence that the account was compromised.

He’s not a verified account.”

Seth’s account has since become inactive, but has been retweeting false and misleading information about Hillary Clinton’s campaign, with links to false conspiracy theories and conspiracy theories, including an allegation that the media was working with the Clinton campaign to discredit the election results.

It also retweeted fake news and hoax stories, including a false claim that Hillary had voted to protect the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.

It has retweeted false and misinformation about the Democratic Party.