How to watch live streams on the Peach social network

Peacock will have a new social network called PeachSocial.

PeachSocial will allow fans to watch football matches live with the help of Apple TV, Chromecast, or a compatible media player.

Peacock has a new sports app, the Peacocks Game Finder, which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store for free.

Peachtree Sports will also have a live football feed from the PeachSocial app.

A PeachtreeSports match will automatically appear in the live feed, with Peachtrees official Facebook page providing a link to the feed.

Peamers new social platform is the first of its kind, with sports being an obvious focus.

The app will allow for fans to follow, comment on and share their match on the new platform.

Peaclos new app is being developed by a new company called Supernova.

PeakSocial is set to be launched in the spring.

The Peacocker sports team have previously announced they would be working with Apple to create a new app, but have yet to confirm this will be a sports app.