‘It’s a miracle’: New research finds it’s possible to cure blindness with just one lens

A new study has revealed that it may be possible to help people who suffer from cataracts with a simple lens replacement.

A team of researchers from the University of Warwick’s School of Optics, Optics and Photonics (SOOP) have found that they can create a “glow” of light in the eye that helps the eyesight to recover.

It was originally published on the UK’s Telegraph newspaper and can be seen here .

The team was able to create a fluorescent light that reflected off the retina of mice, which could be used to see with a single lens in the blind.

It is thought that this may have been the first time a molecule has been used to treat blindness, with studies suggesting that there are other potential ways to help the eyes.

The research team also showed that they could create the same glow in mice that they did in the cataract patients.

They have published their findings in Nature Photonics.

They hope their work will eventually lead to an eye-patch that allows people with cataractic blindness to regain vision after a lens is removed.

They also say that it is important to be aware that while they can produce a glow, it is not necessarily the same as a cure.

So far, there have been few successful treatments for cataracs.