LinkedIn has launched a new social network rating tool, Vine, which allows users to rate the social network’s services.

In an update to its social network ratings, LinkedIn announced the creation of a new tool, Vines, that lets users rate the following LinkedIn services: LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Vine and Pinterest.

Users can rate LinkedIn and Twitter through the new tool and choose a rating for each.

Vines also allows users who have more than one social network account to see how their social networks are rated.

Users who rate LinkedIn with a rating of 5, 5.5 or 6, will be able to see their ratings displayed in a new dropdown menu on their profile page.

Vines also includes ratings for Twitter, and for Pinterest.

A spokesperson for LinkedIn confirmed the changes to Recode, but did not provide further details.

The company also declined to comment on the specifics of the ratings or when users would be able view the ratings.

The social network has long been a popular way to find jobs and socialize with others, but the company has been working to streamline its offerings to improve its overall user experience.

The changes announced Tuesday are part of that effort, with the company promising to “continue to work to provide more personalized experiences for our users.”

The changes also come as LinkedIn is under fire for not allowing employers to remove negative ratings from job listings.

The social networking giant has struggled with the issue over the past few years, and many employees have filed complaints against the company for not removing negative reviews.

In the wake of that criticism, LinkedIn has also been accused of making it difficult for its employees to express their opinions.

In a blog post last month, LinkedIn said it is working to improve the way its workforce interacts with their employer’s website and tools, and is also working to allow employers to “opt out” of some of its “slimming down” recommendations.