Naked social network ‘a bit creepy’

A social network for naked people, which lets users send nude photos to each other, has caused a backlash on the internet.

The naked network is called FUZZ, and it’s not a great idea.

FUZ has been criticised for making users feel creepy and for creating a space where nude photos could be shared with others.

But it’s a different story for another naked social network, FUTURE.

It’s a site that lets people “send sexy pics”, and users can share the photos on a “friend-based” network.

It has been called a “social network for nudists” and “a bit too sexy” for the general public.

What is FUZI, you ask?

It’s not quite so sexy as it sounds.

The FUZE network, which launched in November, has been described as a “self-publishing network” that “uses naked photos of a person for the purposes of sharing them”.

FUZA, which means “friends for the naked”, has about 30,000 users, mostly in Europe.

But the network has also attracted criticism for creating an environment where users can discuss the content they’ve shared with each other.

On Twitter, users described it as “not very sexy” and said it “wouldn’t be appropriate for anyone with an erection”.

One user, @sharkeyb, wrote: “Nudity isnt ok with me, this is too creepy.

I’d rather be able to chat and see what I like about you than be a voyeur.”

Others, like @zacflynn, said: “You guys need to realise that FUzi is not OK with you.”

But FUza’s creators said the network was aimed at the “toy-like” and the “buzzy” community of users.

They said it was designed for people to talk and chat about their experiences, and they did not want to censor people.

“We are all voyeurs here,” FUzia’s co-founder, Niko Poujoulatoglou, told The Guardian.

“It’s not about censorship, we are all human beings and the nudity should not be hidden.

We are not here to censor.

We don’t want people to feel ashamed or unsafe, we just want to make this place where people can communicate about each other.”

FUzees first social network started out as a way for people who wanted to share photos, but it quickly became popular, with more than a million photos being uploaded each day.

Now, the site is getting a lot of attention for the way it has grown, and for how it has changed people’s views about the nude community.

The company has a website,, that lists users’ photos, as well as a forum,

And it has even made some inroads into the “neo-nudism” movement.

“There are a lot more nude people out there than there are in the public imagination,” PouJoulatiglou told The Independent.

“But the internet is full of people who feel a little creeped out by the idea of being naked.

They don’t know where to turn.”

Fuzia has also started to make its own network, called FUsana.

“The concept of nakedness is something that has been evolving over time,” said co-creator Niko Pelet.

“And in the world of Fuzias social network Fuzika is trying to make it a bit more fun and accessible for the people who don’t necessarily want to be naked.”

The company recently announced a new website for users,

Fuzya has a social network and an online forum, but that doesn’t mean the nude content will be hidden from the public.

In fact, FUSAA is also planning to make a website that will make it easier for users to share their photos, and allow them to create “nudist-friendly” social networks.

“This is really about bringing the whole naked community back together, and creating a place where they can meet, be nude, share their nudity and have a lot less pressure from society about who they are,” Pelet said.

FUsao has plans to create an entirely new nude social networking platform, but only in Europe and North America.

“FUZI is not a real network, but rather a new way to share the naked,” said FUzes co-founders Niko and Niko V. “People who have never used it before will have an easy time using it and finding their own community.”

What is a nude social media, you say?

In the words of FUzo’s co: “It will be a place for naked and voyeur, with a few exceptions.”

The FSUZA network is set to launch in December and will feature a different interface.

The site will allow users to chat,