New social network Twoo announces launch of its token exchange, which allows investors to trade the digital assets

Twoo Social Network is a new social network that is looking to introduce an exchange for its token, the O2 Token, which will enable token holders to invest in the new social media platform.

The exchange will allow investors to buy and sell tokens on O2, with the O1 token holders getting paid in the O3 token after the token is redeemed.

The O1 tokens will be used to buy digital goods on the social network.

The social network is currently working on a way to add additional tokens, with plans to add more tokens as the platform grows.

One of the first investors in the token exchange will be a Japanese company called Nippon.

One can see the O5 token being used on the website.

“We are very excited about this new product.

We think the platform is really going to be a great addition to our portfolio,” said Nippo CEO Kazuo Sakamoto in a statement.

“One of the advantages of the O10 token is that it is a token which is very useful in a token market where there is no liquidity.

We have been working on this idea for a long time.

We believe that this new token will really help us expand our business, as we are already in the process of expanding our business in Japan.”

The O2 token will be traded on O3 and O1, with users receiving O1 after they buy and redeem tokens.

The platform is planning to open the platform up to foreign investors, with a timeline of launching on November 14, 2018.

In addition to the O6 token, investors will be able to trade O5 tokens for the O4 token, which is used to purchase goods on O1.

The total value of O2 is currently estimated at $4 billion.

The token exchange was announced on February 5, 2018, with an initial token sale beginning on April 5.

Twoo is aiming to be one of the most profitable platforms on the blockchain, according to the social media giant.

It has raised $1.4 million in funding, and is aiming for $4.2 million in market capitalization.

The company is currently in the middle of a crowdfunding campaign, with additional funds available.