Social Media Advertising: How to Use It to Increase Brand Exposure and Engage With Your Audience

Posted March 25, 2018 12:08:25Social media advertising is a very powerful tool.The tools and techniques are endless.But how do you know what to use to drive the most engagement?There are so many options to explore, and it is a skill you must master.The following article will give you the answers to a few of the

Bitcoin hits record high for first time in more than three years, according to data from blockchain platform, reports Business Insider

By Andrew Wainwright, Business Insider The digital currency bitcoin is surging in value, and its popularity is now reaching all corners of the internet, from the popular social network Facebook to the popular gaming app Pokemon Go.Bitcoin has risen over $2,000 in just one week, according a report published on Wednesday by CoinDesk, with the cryptocurrency

The Facebook social network has an algorithm for determining which of your friends are “friends”

Facebook has released a new algorithm to determine which of its users are friends.Facebook’s algorithm is designed to determine whether you are a friend or not.In a blog post, Facebook explained that the algorithm will determine which users are “friend” by looking at how many times you have “liked” their content.The algorithm will also take

Which company is hiring the most?

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Why was the UEFA Champions League final postponed due to the Zika virus

Italia’s top court on Thursday ruled that the Champions League semi-final between Real Madrid and Bayern Munich could not be played because of the Zika-linked birth defect.The ruling comes days after Bayern Munich and Real Madrid were both ordered to play in the Europa League final on Saturday.It comes as the world’s top soccer league

How to Make Money Without Having a Social Network

Social media is the gold standard for earning money online, but it’s also the most challenging way to earn money online.Here’s how to make a living without having a social network.1.Paying the bills and setting up accounts on social media platforms that pay for itself Social media can help you make money on the internet.You