Twitter shuts down the accounts of hundreds of people who used the ‘darknet’ to communicate with each other

The social network Twitter is shutting down the personal accounts of many of its users who were using the “darknet” to communicate anonymously, the company said on Monday.The move comes after the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.K. and other governments have said the site is a conduit for criminal activity and that users who

How Facebook’s Facebook is getting the social network on board

In the midst of a global social media revolution, Facebook has begun to leverage its vast reach to provide an easy way for advertisers to reach their audiences.The social network has now opened its doors to third-party publishers as well, including major news organizations, which may help its businesses survive.The move by Facebook has been

The Facebook social network has an algorithm for determining which of your friends are “friends”

Facebook has released a new algorithm to determine which of its users are friends.Facebook’s algorithm is designed to determine whether you are a friend or not.In a blog post, Facebook explained that the algorithm will determine which users are “friend” by looking at how many times you have “liked” their content.The algorithm will also take

Filippo Modugno claims Serie A will go for the Champions League – Sport Mediaset

Modugnon has confirmed that Serie A is set to go for one of the three groups at the end of the season, in order to make room for the Europa League.According to the head of football operations, Modugnone said: “There is a possibility of an Italian team in the Champions Leagues, and also a possibility

Which social network are you?

A social network is one that allows people to share, discuss, and collaborate.This year, Twitter is looking to expand its social media platform by making it more mobile friendly, adding new features, and improving the user experience.The company has announced plans to launch its new Twitter mobile app on iPhone and Android devices in the

Raya: Raya social media group ‘is not a family’

PHILADELPHIA – The Raya Social Network, a Dutch social networking group, was shut down on Monday after a backlash.The group, which was founded by Dutch writer and social activist Joost van der Linde, had previously operated under the name “José, Jorunn, and Yves”.The Raya Twitter account, which is operated by Joost Van der Lindes brother-in-law,

How a social network could revolutionize health care

Social networks could revolutionise health care.An article published in Medical News today suggests a new kind of health care, one that is both less costly and more efficient than ever before.A network of health professionals and patients can share medical information and collaborate with one another without ever needing to go to a doctor, nurse