PHP Twitter competitor ‘tango’ could become a Facebook competitor

A new social network from Facebook and Twitter that uses Tango, a web-based messaging app, has caught the attention of developers around the world.

The app is called Tango Social, and it lets users make instant and anonymous Facebook or Twitter conversations.

The company’s founder and chief executive, Nick Szabo, says that his company is already working on a rival, but hasn’t yet launched it.

The news comes after the New York Times reported on the company’s potential competitor, which was unveiled this week at a conference in San Francisco.

The startup, which has already received funding from Google, Facebook and other investors, says it’s the world’s first “smart” social network that can automatically connect users in real time, including by using a smartphone’s camera to make a conversation.

Tango is also the first to integrate Twitter into the app.

In its announcement of the app, Tango described it as “a social network built on the Tango platform that is a natural fit for Facebook, Twitter and Google+.”

A Facebook spokesman said in a statement: “The Tango team has been working on social media for years, and we are extremely excited to partner with Tango on its social network.

We look forward to working together to bring the power of social networks to more people.”

Twitter is also interested in the startup’s product.

A Twitter spokesperson said in an emailed statement that the company is “actively pursuing potential partners.”

Szabo said that Tango has been in development for some time, and that it will be ready by the end of the year.

Twitter is working with several companies to develop a “new social network for people in the US” and “for users around the globe,” Szabo wrote in a blog post.

He noted that the app is “in beta” and that the platform is still “a work in progress.”

Facebook and Google have said that they are interested in Tango because it has the potential to replace Facebook’s Messenger app, which is being rolled out globally.

A Google spokesperson said that “we have invested in the company to make Tango a global service that people can use in their homes.”

Google’s statement about the app was in line with other statements that have been made by the company.

In a blog article published on Monday, the company said that the “next version of Messenger” would be built on top of Tango.

It added that the service will have a “simple, intuitive interface” and will be “a great way to build a community for friends and loved ones.”

Tango was initially announced in 2015.

It was developed by former Facebook executives David Wehner and Matt Taylor, and has been available on Android devices since 2016.

The service, which allows users to communicate and chat in a way that is “free from advertisements and in-app purchases,” has attracted a lot of attention because it lets them keep their private conversations private and without a need for a third-party service.

Users can choose to let people know when they have spoken with them or whether they want to keep a private conversation.

The platform, however, does require a “passcode” to access the content.