Twitter, Facebook, Instagram get into VR to keep users’ conversations private

In the past year, Twitter and Facebook have both launched their own virtual reality platforms, and now the social networks have teamed up with the Japanese video game maker Tango to create a social network that works as a standalone app.The social network is called Tango, and it works as an app for phones, tablets,

How to use your Facebook and Twitter account to get your news headlines and photos taken by the dark social network

On Thursday morning, Facebook announced that it was rolling out a feature that would allow users to create custom stories from their photos, and it’s likely this feature will come to all of its social networks soon.Users will be able to upload images to their Facebook Stories page and then create their own posts from

What you need to know about the upcoming iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR Max

By now, most iPhone X and iPhone 8 owners know that they are getting the most powerful iPhones ever.We know, because we’ve heard the same thing.There’s an official “iPhone XS” and an official iPhone X “Max” and they are both set to arrive this fall.We’ve been speculating about the phones’ specs and price tags for

How to use a social network game to make friends with friends

It’s a game that lets you play with friends, share your news and photos with other gamers, and connect with like-minded people who share your interests and passions.The game, called BioWare’s Mycrib Social Network, is one of the first to let you use the social network as a virtual game.Its social game-playing features include Facebook-style

When Google announced the new social networking site BBM, they didn’t just throw in a new social network: They added a whole new social app for the web.

Facebook is now offering an Android app called BBM that will let you share photos, status updates, and even more with your Facebook friends.The company also released an iOS app, BBM for iPhone, which allows you to upload, share, and share your photos, messages, and videos.It’s still unclear how much BBM will be available in