Nude Social Network Writer Is Being Fired

Social network writer and former nude social network writer Samantha Parler has been fired from her job at Humhub, the company announced.Ms Parler, who was previously employed by social networking giant LinkedIn, has been with Humhub since 2013 and has worked on a range of projects including a website and mobile app.She had previously worked

Why does Twitter still have an ‘I’ icon on the left hand side?

Twitter has long struggled to keep up with social media trends.And the company has never really been able to find the right balance between keeping the right number of people in sync and maintaining the number of tools and tools that users can use to do that.But with more than 100 million people using the

What’s New on Social Media on Thailand

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Twitter users use ‘social support’ network to share personal stories about suicide

Twitter users are using their social network to spread personal stories of suicide, with some of the messages sharing personal details of the victim.The popular platform is using a platform called ‘Path’ to help users share their stories of mental health and depression.Path was founded in February 2017, and is a social support network that