How to use a social network game to make friends with friends

It’s a game that lets you play with friends, share your news and photos with other gamers, and connect with like-minded people who share your interests and passions.The game, called BioWare’s Mycrib Social Network, is one of the first to let you use the social network as a virtual game.Its social game-playing features include Facebook-style

When Google announced the new social networking site BBM, they didn’t just throw in a new social network: They added a whole new social app for the web.

Facebook is now offering an Android app called BBM that will let you share photos, status updates, and even more with your Facebook friends.The company also released an iOS app, BBM for iPhone, which allows you to upload, share, and share your photos, messages, and videos.It’s still unclear how much BBM will be available in

Pornhub to Shut Down Pornhub, Pornhub’s Family Content, and Pornhub Family Network

The popular social network Pornhub has announced it will be shutting down in February 2018, ending its business as a family-friendly social networking site that allowed users to exchange photos and videos.The news comes just two months after Pornhub announced that it would be closing its family-focused social network.The decision comes just days after PornHub’s

Facebook, Instagram are in the crosshairs of antitrust charges

The social network, a $16.6 billion acquisition by Facebook Inc., has been the subject of several antitrust investigations over allegations that the company unfairly pressured rivals into sharing user data, according to people familiar with the matter.The charges include conspiring to suppress competition and unfair business practices.The company has denied any wrongdoing. “We are vigorously defending