Google’s ‘Social Network Booster’ lets users ‘share’ photos of friends

Google’s “Social Network Builder” app lets users share pictures of friends and family members with each other.The app, available on the Google Play store for Android devices, can be downloaded for free from Google Play and Apple App Store.It allows users to create and share photos of family and friends and then “share” those pictures

How to access social networking on a mobile phone

Facebook has announced that users can access its free social networking site on Android phones, and has made it available for users to browse the site without an internet connection.Facebook said users can still access the site via an internet-only browser.Users can search and find and like social media pages on their Android phones through

Twitter is buying the social networking company Atlassian

Vice News article Vice has learned that Twitter is spending $1.3 billion to acquire Atlassian, a software developer whose technology has been used by the world’s largest tech companies including Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Facebook.The acquisition, which will give Twitter more than $500 million, will give it more than 30% of Atlassian’s user base, Vice