Social network mastodon has become a major competitor to Facebook

This year, social network mastonodon, owned by the social networking giant Facebook, has become one of the major social networks in Australia.

It has become the third most popular network in Australia, behind Facebook and Twitter, according to research by research firm TrendForce.

This year the company had 7.5 million active users.

It is the second most popular platform in the country behind Instagram.

There were around 3.5 billion users in Australia in 2017.

This is a big increase from 2016, when Facebook had 6.5 per cent of the social media market.

Twitter was second on 7 per cent.

“Mastodon has been able to take on Twitter, with a much better user base,” said Brian Riddell, founder and CEO of TrendForce, in a press release.

“They have had some major changes this year, with the acquisition of their media assets and an acquisition of Instagram.”

TrendForce found that Facebook was by far the most popular social network in the world in 2017, with more than 80 per cent, followed by Twitter at 79 per cent and Instagram at 76 per cent each.

Twitter and Instagram have had significant changes in recent years, however.

In 2017, Instagram was overtaken by Snapchat as the most used social media platform in Australia with 3.7 million users.

Snapchat was a much more popular option for Instagram users than Facebook users, with nearly 80 per in 2016.

The company also saw its user base grow in 2017 to nearly 4 million users, up from 2.3 million in 2016, according the TrendForce data.

Instagram also became the most downloaded social media app in Australia last year, and was the most-used app on the smartphone in Australia during 2017, according data from comScore.