Which blockchain social networks are the most popular?

There’s an online market for a new, more anonymous form of communication: the blockchain.But what is it and why is it growing so fast?A new paper by two Australian researchers finds there’s plenty of room for innovation in blockchain technology.For example, they say there’s a huge market for blockchain-based data privacy and decentralised databases that

Bitcoin hits record high for first time in more than three years, according to data from blockchain platform, reports Business Insider

By Andrew Wainwright, Business Insider The digital currency bitcoin is surging in value, and its popularity is now reaching all corners of the internet, from the popular social network Facebook to the popular gaming app Pokemon Go.Bitcoin has risen over $2,000 in just one week, according a report published on Wednesday by CoinDesk, with the cryptocurrency

When your phone is just your phone, it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s not.

By now, you’ve probably heard about a new smartphone from the likes of Apple, Samsung, Google, and Nokia.While these brands have plenty of cool stuff, they’re mostly doing it in a very different way.They’re selling a phone that’s as thin and light as a pair of jeans, yet as powerful as a desktop PC, with

CryptoCoin Twitter, BlockChain Social Network Announce Partnership

A crypto-currency exchange platform, CryptoCoin, has partnered with blockchain social network BlockChain to launch an exchange for digital assets on the social network.According to a post on the CryptoCoin website, the platform will allow users to buy and sell digital assets and tokens from their cryptocurrency wallet.Blockchain Social Network allows users to follow and engage