When Google announced the new social networking site BBM, they didn’t just throw in a new social network: They added a whole new social app for the web.

Facebook is now offering an Android app called BBM that will let you share photos, status updates, and even more with your Facebook friends.The company also released an iOS app, BBM for iPhone, which allows you to upload, share, and share your photos, messages, and videos.It’s still unclear how much BBM will be available in

Blockchain-based social network is ‘a lot like the internet in its infancy’

A social network that has been dubbed the “internet of money” has seen its stock prices rise after it was announced that it has raised $1.2 million in Series A funding.Bitcoin social network Mastodon raised a $500,000 Series A round, led by venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz.Mastodon will use the funding to help expand its