How to watch a social network film, social network literature

A social networking film from a local cinemas in Queensland can be a very popular experience.The film was shot in Melbourne, Australia, in September, and has become a popular choice among social media fans around the world.The script has been translated into 30 languages, and its been viewed by thousands of Australians who have been

PHP Twitter competitor ‘tango’ could become a Facebook competitor

A new social network from Facebook and Twitter that uses Tango, a web-based messaging app, has caught the attention of developers around the world.The app is called Tango Social, and it lets users make instant and anonymous Facebook or Twitter conversations.The company’s founder and chief executive, Nick Szabo, says that his company is already working

What’s your favourite social network?

Social networks are huge, and they’re constantly growing in popularity.And if you’re looking for a fun, interactive way to connect with people from all over the world, the best social network to look at right now is Facebook.This year, the social network is getting a big update to make it even more engaging, which is