Which social network app is your favorite?

PolySocial, a social network software that lets you keep up with your friends and connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest, recently got a major update that lets users share more photos and video with each other.The software has also got a new feature called “Share This” that lets people share

Filippo Modugno claims Serie A will go for the Champions League – Sport Mediaset

Modugnon has confirmed that Serie A is set to go for one of the three groups at the end of the season, in order to make room for the Europa League.According to the head of football operations, Modugnone said: “There is a possibility of an Italian team in the Champions Leagues, and also a possibility

How to set up an ETC for social trading on Facebook

You can now set up your social trading account for ETC on Facebook, using the latest tools from ETC Labs.Here’s how.I use ETCLab for my ETC social trading, using its simple, easy-to-use interface.It’s the most advanced ETC platform available, and its built for social traders.EtcLab is an easy-installer that comes pre-installed on Windows, macOS and

PHP Twitter competitor ‘tango’ could become a Facebook competitor

A new social network from Facebook and Twitter that uses Tango, a web-based messaging app, has caught the attention of developers around the world.The app is called Tango Social, and it lets users make instant and anonymous Facebook or Twitter conversations.The company’s founder and chief executive, Nick Szabo, says that his company is already working