How to Make Money Without Having a Social Network

Social media is the gold standard for earning money online, but it’s also the most challenging way to earn money online.Here’s how to make a living without having a social network.1.Paying the bills and setting up accounts on social media platforms that pay for itself Social media can help you make money on the internet.You

What happens when a social network shuts down?

Waves social networking platform, which has been around since 2009, announced on Tuesday that it would shut down by the end of the year.The company had been running on a beta test version that was only accessible to its staff.In a statement to Wired, Wave said it was shutting down due to the “unforeseen circumstances”.“In

Twitter is buying the social networking company Atlassian

Vice News article Vice has learned that Twitter is spending $1.3 billion to acquire Atlassian, a software developer whose technology has been used by the world’s largest tech companies including Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Facebook.The acquisition, which will give Twitter more than $500 million, will give it more than 30% of Atlassian’s user base, Vice