Which Social Networks Are Most Popular? – Social Networks Analysis

Social networks analysis has become a popular and often-overlooked way to understand the size and popularity of a social network.There are several ways to approach this kind of analysis, but there are also a number of different metrics that can be used.Below we have collected some of the most common social networking metrics and how

How to make your social networking profile look more like a business

People don’t like to see your name in the middle of a post on social media.But that’s exactly what Facebook has done.Now, you can add your name to your profile picture by choosing the Facebook logo on your profile photo and clicking the “Show more” button.If you don’t want your name displayed in your profile,

When it comes to social networks, Alibaba has its eyes on China: Sources

In an interview with The Telegraph, the Chinese social networking giant Alibaba told The Telegraph that its platform in China has been growing steadily since it was launched in 2013, and that it’s expected to reach more than 200 million active users by 2021.According to Alibaba, it has more than 4.5 million registered users in