Filippo Modugno claims Serie A will go for the Champions League – Sport Mediaset

Modugnon has confirmed that Serie A is set to go for one of the three groups at the end of the season, in order to make room for the Europa League.According to the head of football operations, Modugnone said: “There is a possibility of an Italian team in the Champions Leagues, and also a possibility

Which social networks will be on the new iPhones?

CNET/AP Apple’s new iPhones will likely have an interactive social network built-in, but that won’t mean that the social network will have to wait for a major overhaul in iOS 9.3.The company has been working on this since the first iPhone was released and, as part of its plan, the new iPhone will include features

The social networking site Smith will not offer a dating service in Australia

A social networking website with more than 10 million users is leaving Australia for the US after months of controversy.Smith’s social networking and dating site Smith is leaving the country after years of controversy over sexual harassment and sexism.Smith Australia confirmed it had taken the decision in a blog post on Monday.Smith was founded in