Why does Twitter still have an ‘I’ icon on the left hand side?

Twitter has long struggled to keep up with social media trends.And the company has never really been able to find the right balance between keeping the right number of people in sync and maintaining the number of tools and tools that users can use to do that.But with more than 100 million people using the

How to find a social network that works for you

A social network is an online community that can connect people to other people and share their thoughts, feelings and ideas.You can find many social networks on the internet, but few of them are designed specifically for sharing content.Here are the most popular social networks.2.Facebook and Instagram: Facebook is widely considered to be the most

Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter to launch new social networking tools

NEW YORK — Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft are joining forces to create a new social network that will allow users to share and discover information on their friends and the world around them.The social network will be called MySpace and it will allow people to post, share and comment on the content of their friends’