The Facebook social network has an algorithm for determining which of your friends are “friends”

Facebook has released a new algorithm to determine which of its users are friends.

Facebook’s algorithm is designed to determine whether you are a friend or not.

In a blog post, Facebook explained that the algorithm will determine which users are “friend” by looking at how many times you have “liked” their content.

The algorithm will also take into account the friends who are already friends.

The social network said that if you have more than three friends, then your friends list will be reduced.

You’ll also get a notification on your timeline if your friends have been added to your friend list.

This is important because if you don’t know who you are, it’s hard to tell which friend is who.

You will also get notification on any of your newsfeeds if you add anyone to your friends or contacts list.

If you do have friends, Facebook said you’ll be able to add them to your timeline.

Facebook has also added a new “Like” button, which you’ll see on the right side of your Facebook newsfeed.

This button will allow you to “Like a friend’s post.”

Facebook also said that you can add up to six people to your Friends list, which is the same as your friends.

However, Facebook says that the number of friends you can have is limited to six.

In addition, Facebook will allow up to five people to see your content.

You can also add up your friends in “Group” and “Group Show” settings.

The group settings will allow the same six people you can see your friends content in.

The company also said it will “not post” a post that is in your friends group unless you have invited someone.

Facebook is also allowing “friends to make comments on your profile.”

Facebook said that this feature will be enabled by default.

“You can opt-out of this feature by changing your settings.”

Facebook is offering an option to remove a person from your friends, so you can avoid getting notified when a friend posts something.

Facebook will also be able show you your friends’ posts in the news feed, as well as allow you “to view their posts on your Timeline.”

Facebook’s new “friends list” feature is coming in version 18.0 of the company’s mobile operating system.

This update includes new features, like a new photo gallery and video sharing features.