Twitter shuts down the accounts of hundreds of people who used the ‘darknet’ to communicate with each other

The social network Twitter is shutting down the personal accounts of many of its users who were using the “darknet” to communicate anonymously, the company said on Monday.

The move comes after the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.K. and other governments have said the site is a conduit for criminal activity and that users who use the service to communicate have “likely” been involved in cybercrime.

“We’ve taken action to terminate the accounts and the accounts that were associated with those accounts,” Twitter wrote on its blog.

The company also warned users that it is taking action against accounts that violate its terms of service, and that it has begun to block users who post images that may be considered pornography.

“If you’ve been violating Twitter’s terms of use, or you’ve posted an image that appears to violate our policies, we’ve taken immediate action to suspend or terminate your account,” the company wrote.

In addition, Twitter is “investigating” users who have been using the service for at least a year, the blog said.

The social network had shut down more than 1,300 accounts, many of which were connected to child pornography.

Twitter said it has removed more than 3,700 accounts that are linked to child exploitation.

The service has a history of censoring users who may have violated its terms, but the shutdown is the latest sign of its growing pains.

Twitter has struggled to retain users amid rising competition from social media giants Facebook and Google.