What do you think of the new look and look of Facebook?

The new look of the social network Facebook is finally here, and it is quite a different one from the one we saw last year.

Facebook is now all black, the front of the site is gone and it has all the familiar icons of a modern social network, but now you can see more of what Facebook does.

The company’s new look is very much the look of a digital media company, as opposed to the one that launched back in 2007, when Facebook was still known as a place for people to find and connect with others.

And Facebook is also not using all of the classic Facebook icons, instead using new icons from other social networks that are also new to the site.

This change in look comes as Facebook has also rolled out a new logo and a new icon set.

So, for those who are still on Facebook, here is how it looks: It looks very different than it did back in 2011.

The design of Facebook has been tweaked to make the site more modern.

This includes the new logo, which is a darker shade of blue than the old logo, and the new icon sets.

It also includes new branding, including a new line of branded Facebook shirts.

And you can also get the brand new “Facebook” T-shirt and Facebook Messenger app.

All of these changes have come in a few months.

We’ve also seen a lot of updates to the Facebook app since then.

It is now updated regularly with new features like News Feed and the Facebook Live video service.

Facebook now offers more social features, including the ability to send a friend link to someone who is offline, as well as an in-app messaging service called Messenger.

All these changes are a step in the right direction.

But for those of us who have been on Facebook for a while, these changes could have been jarring.

They are designed to make Facebook more appealing to people who are looking for an alternative to Twitter or Snapchat, or are looking to find new friends.

But they could also be seen as a way for Facebook to try to make itself more appealing and more relevant to people in its target demographic, particularly young people.

So far, Facebook has only had to change its Facebook logo to look a bit different from what we saw in 2011, but that hasn’t stopped the company from doing so a lot.

In fact, it’s done it so often that we’ve created a chart showing all of Facebook’s current logos, and we’ve also put together a list of some of the best social network logos of all time.

You can also see a short video that shows some of Facebooks current social features here.

If you want to find out more about what is new to Facebook, you can check out our video series here.

Facebook has just started rolling out a lot more Facebook-related features and content, including News Feed, Messenger, Pages, and more.

So if you’re not a fan of the Facebook social network at this point, you might be interested in this video series, which shows what the new social network looks like in the context of its existing platform.

You’ll also want to keep an eye on our Facebook videos series, as we’ll be updating it with new video content.

So even though the new Facebook look and feel might not appeal to everyone, we think this is a great step in social media’s evolution and we’re looking forward to seeing what happens next.