What to do if you’re worried about Facebook, Twitter and other social networks

An article that has gone viral in Israel on social media shows how Facebook, Google, Twitter, and other digital platforms are using the power of your social network to monitor you, monitor your activity and even to take control of you, according to a new report by Israel’s Channel 2 news.

The report by the NGO the Israel Democracy Institute (IDI) details the activities of Israeli companies, including Facebook, that have been using technology to monitor their users and share their content.

The report claims that the Israeli companies are also using their social media platforms to gather data about the activities and preferences of users.

In a press statement, the IDI called the report a “smoking gun” that proves that Facebook and Google have a large number of users, which it says is “not surprising given the large number and growing importance of these companies in Israeli society.”

“Facebook and Google’s algorithms and systems have become an integral part of Israeli society,” said IDI’s Director of Public Information and Strategic Communications, Avi Tsur.

“Their algorithms are used by Israeli authorities to control and monitor users’ behavior.

In a very real sense, these algorithms are being used to track people in order to track the movements of Israeli citizens.”

Facebook and YouTubeIn a statement, Facebook told The Jerusalem Times that it “does not track individual users” on Facebook and has no plans to do so.

The company added that it has “strong rules in place that prevent our system from allowing users to post personal information, and that we will work to improve our policies and practices in this area.”

Google said it is working with Israeli authorities “to strengthen existing policies that prohibit Facebook from using users’ private information.”

Google also said that it will provide more information to the government and other companies that use its algorithms, as well as in the coming weeks.

YouTube said it was also working with the Israeli government “to ensure that YouTube is transparent in how it uses information from users.”

Facebook declined to comment.

Google has been criticized for using its algorithms to identify and target users, and for the way it uses user data.

Facebook, meanwhile, has been accused of using its data to target users based on the location of users and the frequency with which users post.

Facebook and YouTube have defended their practices, saying that they are part of a much broader network that is used to help the web grow.