What’s happening in Israel’s ‘war on terror’?

The Palestinian Authority (PA) and the Hamas movement have said that they will launch a new round of negotiations with Israel in order to end their three-decade-long conflict.

The PA has also announced it will resume its security coordination with Israel following the UN resolution.

Speaking at a press conference on Tuesday, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said that negotiations would continue.

“We have the right to resume negotiations.

We have the obligation to do so.

We will continue to do this until we have reached a solution that brings us peace, justice and security,” Abbas said.

The two sides have been locked in a three-year war, which has killed thousands of Palestinians and displaced hundreds of thousands of others.

The UN Security Council last month passed a resolution that condemned the “unjust and inhumane” killing of more than 3,200 Palestinians by Israeli forces.

It also condemned “unlawful killings” by the Israeli military, saying that Israel’s actions had violated international law.