What’s New on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

Google+ is one of the largest social media platforms in the world, but the company isn’t without controversy.

According to Google, about 30% of the company’s traffic is from social networks like Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram.

The company also reports that the majority of its revenue comes from ads on social networks.

Facebook has been criticized for allowing advertisers to target its ads to people who have liked its posts, which some argue is a form of advertising.

Facebook recently announced it would be testing new policies that will limit what types of ads it can target users with.

In an email, Facebook spokesperson David Burke told Quartz, “We have always been very transparent about how we use data and we’re working hard to improve our practices and standards.”

However, the company says it doesn’t want to get into the details of how Facebook’s data is used and how it will make money.

“We are not disclosing the amount of data we collect, how we choose to use it or any information about our relationships with advertisers,” Burke said.

Burke added that the company has a data privacy policy that allows for companies to share data with Facebook.

However, Facebook has said that “we do not have a privacy policy or any legal obligation to share any of our data with third parties.”

Pinterest and Instagram have had to deal with similar concerns from privacy groups.

Pinterest’s privacy policy says that it will only share your photos with third party websites and apps that allow you to opt out.

Instagram also allows you to delete your photos.

However if you opt out of using Instagram, the Instagram team will only keep the data for two years and delete your account if you don’t opt out again.