What’s Next for Facebook and Twitter?

Facebook and Instagram are not the only major social networks that have been hit with a surge in users in recent months. 

According to the latest Nielsen data, Facebook had nearly 7 million new users in September, compared to 2.9 million for Twitter, a slight decrease from September 2017. 

The numbers for Instagram, meanwhile, are similar to those for Facebook. 

In September, Instagram had 2.3 million users, up from 1.8 million in September 2017, while Twitter had 1.4 million, down from 1 million. 

This trend is likely to continue as Instagram grows and becomes more popular, says Alex Zeng, director of research at research firm eMarketer.

“Instagram has had more than 30 million monthly active users in the past five years, so the growth has been fairly steady,” Zeng told Business Insider. 

Instagram’s growth will be driven by new Instagram Stories posts and other content creators who have found Instagram to be an easy way to reach new audiences. 

These stories will also help the site reach new demographics, including young people, women and African-Americans. 

“Insta is still a very niche platform for Instagram Stories,” Zang said.

“It’s also an extremely important part of their advertising model.”

“They can still make money from Instagram Stories and get a lot of engagement from them,” he added.

“Instagram is a very valuable product, and a valuable platform for advertisers.” 

Zeng says that Instagram has been growing faster than the overall web, but that the company needs to get more involved in the digital advertising space. 

For example, Instagram’s ads will likely get more attention from brands and marketers if they use more than one of the platforms, which can help boost engagement. 

Other companies are also using social media as a way to grow their business. 

Twitter is a popular platform for social media, as are many of Facebook’s other platforms, but its growth has slowed recently, especially with the election and a massive crackdown on fake news on social media. 

Facebook has been using its own technology to promote its products. 

However, Facebook is also experimenting with new tools like sponsored posts that it can use to reach potential new users. 

If Facebook wants to expand its reach beyond just its core user base, it will need to continue to make its platform more useful and relevant. 

But for now, Instagram is showing signs of life as the social media platform continues to grow. 

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