When your social network goes bust: How to keep your network going without your Facebook

article People on Facebook are constantly on the lookout for new ways to boost their profile.

One of the best ways to keep a social network active and relevant is by following the tips and tricks of social network owners, according to social network experts.

Here’s how to keep it going without having to change your account.


Change your Facebook profile photo Once your profile picture is updated, your Facebook account will display a new photo in your newsfeed.

To change your Facebook photo, click the photo in the top right corner of the Facebook home screen and choose Edit.

If you do not see your new photo, select Settings from the main menu.

Under Photo, click Edit and choose a new one.

Your new photo should now be shown in your Newsfeed.

If your Facebook photos are in the same group as your news feed, the photo you chose will be added to the group.


Change the profile picture for your friends To keep your Facebook friends on your friends list, click on your profile photo and choose Settings.

To add your friends, you’ll need to click the plus icon at the bottom of your profile.

From here, choose Friends and add a new person to your list.

You can also delete an existing person from your list, but it will not be visible on your news feeds.


Hide your friends’ posts to get more visibility on Facebook Facebook users may have more access to your posts than others on the social network.

To hide posts that your friends make, click On Facebook.

From the On Facebook screen, choose Hide posts.

This option will hide posts from friends.

You will be prompted to log in to your Facebook to see the posts.

To see all your friends posts, click More friends.


Hide Facebook ads from your friends Facebook ads are not allowed in your friends profile, even if they are from your employer.

To make sure Facebook ads don’t appear in your Facebook posts, set your profile profile to Hide ads.

If that option is turned on, your friends won’t see your Facebook ads in their newsfeeds.

To turn off Facebook ads, click Off in the bottom left corner of Facebook.


Hide posts from your family members You may be surprised to learn that your Facebook family members have more than one account.

To prevent Facebook ads appearing in your family member’s posts, choose the Family section on your Facebook settings page.

To limit your family membership, set the number of family members in your profile to 1.

If there are fewer family members than the limit, select Hide family posts.


Change how your news is shared Facebook posts are shared by default.

However, you can also choose to share posts from people who are friends with you on Facebook.

Choose the Share option on the right side of the page and then select a group of people.

If a post you want to share has more than 1 friend, select the share from that person and then click Share.

You’ll be prompted for a link to your friends and a link that will take you to your news Feed.


Change who can see your posts on your family Facebook posts can only be shared by people you know.

To remove your posts from someone else’s family, click Remove from family in the upper left corner.


Add photos to your family page Facebook posts with more than 100 photos can only appear in the Facebook family page.

If more than 50 photos are available, you need to add the photos to a photo album.

To do this, click Add photos in the main Facebook home page.


Remove posts that are being shared on your parents Facebook posts on Facebook will not appear in any of your parents’ newsfeed posts.

You may want to change this to be the case for your posts in order to get them to appear in all your parents’.


Add new friends to your account If you’re not sure how to get your friends to view your Facebook post, it may be useful to add them to your new Facebook family.

To start, click a new friend in your existing family, or create a new family, and then choose the Friends tab.

You should see a group called New friends, which contains your friends.

Add a new Facebook friend by clicking on their name and choosing Add Friend.

If they’re already on Facebook, they will appear in a new group.

They can then add a photo to their news feed by clicking Add Photo from the News Feed.


Delete old friends from your Facebook page You may have friends who no longer have a Facebook account.

In order to remove them from your social profile, you will need to change their status from Unavailable to available.

To delete a friend, click Delete from Facebook.

You might need to restart your computer for this to take effect.


Hide social networks from friends When you’re on Facebook and your friends are on your own page, it might not be obvious to others that your social networks are still around.