Which social networks will be on the new iPhones?

CNET/AP Apple’s new iPhones will likely have an interactive social network built-in, but that won’t mean that the social network will have to wait for a major overhaul in iOS 9.3.

The company has been working on this since the first iPhone was released and, as part of its plan, the new iPhone will include features that will allow users to interact with one another without the need to connect to a computer or even a phone.

The new iPhone’s built-up social network might even be able to support new social-network-like features like video chatting and chat rooms.

One of the new features that might make its way into the new phones is a video-chat feature that lets users post videos on a shared social network.

But while Apple is promising the ability to interact directly with friends via video-calls, video-messaging and other video-sharing features, the social networking feature will likely not be built into the iPhones new iPhones.

That’s because video-communication apps and social-media platforms don’t yet support such functionality, according to a source familiar with the matter.

But a social network could still come to the new models in iOS 10, the source said.

And it might be possible for video-transmission apps to provide the functionality, though it’s unlikely to happen right away.

This isn’t the first time Apple has announced a social networking platform.

Back in October, Apple unveiled its iPhone app for Facebook that let users post video clips, pictures and text messages to the social-networking service.

The app had a few features like photo and video-tagging, which allowed users to tag a photo and a video that they wanted to share with other users, but it didn’t feature any social networking features.