Why does it take a lot of hard work to get people to buy a book?

I love books, but they can be frustratingly hard to read.

But that’s changing thanks to the rise of social networks.

People have more options now to get in touch with friends, family and other social network members.

But it takes time and effort to start a new social network and keep up with its activities.

Here are the five steps you can take to get your books read: 1.

Find your new book network.

Facebook and Twitter are the biggest.

There’s an entire community on each platform.

And if you don’t know who’s in it, ask them.

I recently started my own new network called Bookbuddy, and it’s growing rapidly.


Sign up for free.

I found the Facebook page for Bookbuddys new book, The End of the Road, and got to know more of its authors.

The authors’ profile on Bookbudys page shows they are in the community.

And they use the social network to share links to books and to connect with friends.

I think it’s an excellent resource for discovering new authors.


Use Bookbuds.com.

Bookbudi.com is another new social networking site that connects authors, publishers and readers.

The site lets you post reviews of books, and you can even search for new books by subject, author or publisher.


Find new friends.

In some cases, your friends may already have a book on BookBuddy.

If you haven’t already, make sure you join the Bookbuder.com community.

You can find people in your area who may be interested in reading your books.


Create a book club.

You could join a book group on Facebook or on the BookBudys website, but I recommend using the Book Buddy service.

BookBuddys book club is a free service that lets you share books and send links to friends and family.

Book Buddy lets you get to know a lot more people who may want to read your books, which makes the whole experience much more enjoyable.