Why does Twitter still have an ‘I’ icon on the left hand side?

Twitter has long struggled to keep up with social media trends.

And the company has never really been able to find the right balance between keeping the right number of people in sync and maintaining the number of tools and tools that users can use to do that.

But with more than 100 million people using the service a year, the company is hoping that the next generation of its tools will help keep up.

In a recent post on its social network’s official blog, Twitter said that it would soon make it easier for users to share and edit photos and videos, as well as post content.

This will also help users in the future, it said.

“The goal is to enable you to quickly share photos and content and share them on the web.

You will also be able to add video to photos,” the post said.

This is a feature that will also include the ability to tag a photo or video with the hashtags #twitter.

It’s not the first time Twitter has announced such a feature.

Last month, the social network announced that it will be rolling out “shared posts” on its network, and said it would be introducing “instant videos” as well.

The social network said that “instantly videos” would be “designed to let people quickly share videos, pictures, audio and other content in a single video, video clip or photo.”

It also promised that it “will be adding new video sharing features over the coming months.”