Why Raya, the Facebook of Iran, is losing its grip on the Middle East

Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) announced on Tuesday that it would be closing the site of the country’s most popular social network in the country.

Facebook said that the closure of the site is in response to a number of factors, including the government’s crackdown on the site.

In addition, the company said that it has decided to shut down the Raya Social Network, which had over 15 million members at the time of its closure.

According to Raya’s Facebook page, it was launched in January 2015 by the founder of the popular social networking platform Qazvin, the brother of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, who is a member of the National Security Council.

Raya has around 20 million members.

The website had a wide variety of posts, which was used to organize demonstrations and other social events.

However, the site’s popularity was hurt by the crackdown on social media in Iran, which led to many Iranians leaving the platform and to the closure. 

Raya was founded by Qazvins brother, Hadi Jafari.

The social networking site was launched as a response to the crackdown, which the government has targeted since the election of Rouhani, a moderate member of Iran’s Parliament, in June 2016.

During the election campaign, Rouhani promised to close down Raya and other online platforms, which he did on October 1, 2016.

Raya had been listed on the US government’s blacklist of “terrorist” entities, which it was forced to comply with by the end of the year.

Iranian authorities shut down several Iranian social media platforms, including Qazvezin and Raya.

Raya, which also called itself the “social network of the revolution,” was shut down by the Iranian government in 2016, but the platform is still active.

According to a report by Al Jazeera English, the social network had over 7 million active members.