Why we’re all watching Twitter for the first time

It’s a story about time, and it’s also a story of what it means to be human.

The world’s first fully online social network was launched in 2015, and now it’s time for a second look.

The company is about to become the first social network to go live, and we want to know what you think.

Here are some questions and answers to some of the most pressing social news questions we’re seeing right now.

Q: I have an account.

Will I see my news feed on Twitter?

A: Yes.


I have multiple accounts on Twitter.

Will they all be visible to me?



Q: Will my friends see my tweets?

A, not so much.

You have to opt-in to your friends’ feeds.

Q.: What happens to my tweets after they’re deleted?

A tweets will be automatically archived and archived history will be available on Twitter for five years.

Q; I’m using an iOS device.

How do I get my tweets archived on my iPhone?

A.: You can follow us on Twitter at the following link: Twitter – Follow us at Twitter – How to follow @TwitterQ: What happens if I retweet a tweet?


Twitter will delete your tweet and no one will see your retweeted tweet.

Q, I’m not sure I want to retweet a post on Twitter, but my friends are.

A: It’s possible that your friends may see your tweet, but it may not be the best use of their time.

It may be better to just retweet them.

Q/Why are there so many accounts on my phone?

A; Many of us are on our phones all day, but Twitter has added a number of accounts that are new to the platform.

Some of these accounts may have a higher than average follower count and/or other limitations.

Some users may have limited time on their phones and might not be using Twitter in the right manner.QWhat happens if my friend posts a tweet about my new app or product?AA: Your friend’s account will be deleted and the account’s profile picture will be posted on Twitter as well.

You can still see your friends pictures on your profile.QIs it possible to delete my account?ANo.

QCan I delete my profile picture?AIf your profile picture is public, it is visible to your followers.

If your profile has a background image, your friends picture will also be visible.

QI’m having problems viewing my Twitter feed.

What should I do?AQ: It appears that your account may be affected.

We are investigating.

Please check back for updates.QA: I can’t see the tweet.

What’s going on?AYour tweet may be suspended if you are suspended or blocked by Twitter.

Please see our FAQ page for more information.QQ: Why did I see a tweet that is now removed?ATwitter is currently investigating a number, but we cannot offer any guarantees that your tweet will be reinstated.QHow do I view the tweets of my friends?ATweets can be viewed on the Twitter app on iOS or on Twitter on Android.QWhere do my tweets go if I stop using Twitter?

Q: How do people get to my account, and when will they see my Tweets?AThe tweet may not appear on the official Twitter app or on the mobile Twitter app.

We also have not been able to get a handle on how to view the account from the mobile app.QWho gets to see my Twitter account?QA; The account is open to everyone.QAre my tweets public?AYes, but they are only visible to a limited number of people.

QWhat happens when my tweets are removed?QThe tweet that was removed will no longer be visible in the official account.QI have questions or concerns about my account.

Are you able to answer them?AWe welcome questions and concerns about your account.

Please email [email protected] I add my tweets to the public Twitter account to see them?QYes, you can add tweets to your account and the public account will show your tweets on its own.QWhy is there so much traffic to my Twitter?

You may want to consider how your tweets can be used by others, and how people will consume your content.

If you want to see your Tweets, please click here.QIf I do not see my posts, will my friends be able to see mine?AIt is possible that some of your tweets may be visible, but only to a small number of your friends.

It’s important that your Twitter followers are in a position to share your content and to see it when you tweet it.QDo you have a Twitter handle?QIf so, do you plan to add your Twitter handle to your official Twitter account and/ or create an account on your own?AYou can see your profile pictures on Twitter if you follow us at thefollowing